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Explore Bodmin Moor
Bodmin Moor comes as a surprise to people who think only of beaches when they think of Cornwall. It is one of the wildest and most rugged parts of Britain, dotted with spectacular granite tors and evidence of human habitation stretching across centuries, from stone circles to disused mine chimneys. Less than half an hour away from the barn the Bronze Age stone circles called The Hurlers stand near the extraordinary Cheese Ring rocky outcrop.

The Hurlers at sunset, image Paul Watts

Explore South East Cornwall
St Neot church has rare medieval windows. In May the village celebrates Oak Apple Day, when a fresh oak branch is hoisted to the top of the church tower to celebrate Charles II. St Neot was Royalist during the Civil War. The London Inn serves very good food.

Just down the road are Carnglaze Caverns, deep man‐made slate caves set in a lovely Cornish garden, which served as the Navy's rum store in World War Two and now has concerts underground (and you can get married there, too).

Carnglaze Caverns, image Derek Hawkins